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Behind the Scenes Shoot of our New Menu

Behind the Scenes Shoot of our New Menu
February 28, 2017 Team Curious

We have a new menu about to be released!  If you’re new to us, you’ll know that we call our collections, menus as part of our whole Cafe of Curiosities world of delights.   We will be revealing our new products on sale from next week but here is a behind the scenes peek at what we got up to.

We captured film and images with the amazingly talented videographer and content creator, Liv Evans, with most of our footage caught on camera at the stunning Rendezvous Cafe and Gallery, Brighton.

Our aim was to curate a showreel of our all products, including the mugs you know and love but also our new additions – and the crazy people behind the brand, of course.

Stay tuned for more news and product releases.  Thank you for your support as ever.  MWAH xx

Lucy (left) and Bethanie (right) with two of their best-selling mugs

Our mugs don’t have to be limited to just holding a cuppa! Make a statement and brighten your home and your mood by using our cheeky mugs as planters…

…or pen pots for a stylish desk space

Channeling our spirit animals dressed as a flamingo and a fox, in a bid to promote our new characters on our new products, coming soon

Foxy Lucy

Brightly coloured Beth

Images by Liv Evans

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