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That sounds like a dreadful idea. What time do we start?
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That sounds like a dreadful idea. What time do we start?


So you haven’t been out, out in months; you’ve forgotten how to walk in high heels and your tolerance to alcohol is the lowest it has been since that first sweet taste of Malibu and lemonade at that school party .

Whatever your circumstances now, you’re going to grab that Friday night out by the scruff of the neck and party like it’s 1996.

This is the perfect sized mug for a sneaky G&T while bathing the kids before escaping for a few hours, or indeed to hide in the morning after, while frantically trying to delete those images of you dancing on a table to Beyonce from social media before the Alpha Females on the school run/ at Uni /in that super cool clique see them.


Crisp white 330ml ceramic mug with black and gold quote in our exclusive Cafe of Curiosities house fonts.

The mug’s stylish black inside, not only complements the quote, but also hides a multitude of those tell-tale “oh, I only need to give it a quick rinse” and “I’m so tired I can’t even wash myself, let alone a bloody coffee mug” cuppa drinking sins.

All mugs have our fabulous logo on the back and those with only black quotes are dishwasher safe, but we recommend gently hand washing those mugs blessed with a sprinkle of gold  Please do not put any Cafe of Curiosities mugs with gold on them in the microwave, our fabulously metallic mugs are not microwave safe.


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