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Productive as F*ck!
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Productive as F*ck!


Holy shit, baby – yeah, we are! We’ve got three kids, two goldfish, one cat, one dog and five stick insects between us, but we still get up every day and apply our fabulous game faces. Lucy’s staple: khol eyeliner darker than her last boyfriend’s heart; and just as thick.  Beth’s professional armour: a slick of fabulous lipstick, even more fabulous shoes and a punch-today-in-the-face mentality.

Productive? AS F*CK!

Join us with this glorious green mug and set your day’s intent from the first cuppa of the morning!


Our new season mugs are a little different from our first collection in that we’ve chosen a chunkier style of mug with a bigger handle that fits a little more comfortably in the hand, but at 300ml capacity, still holds a decent cuppa.

All of our rainbow mugs are dishwasher-safe, so feel free to pop it in the office dishwasher at the end of your working day – just be careful your fab new mug doesn’t get stolen by one of your super discerning workmates!


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