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Life is tough, but so are you
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Life is tough, but so are you


Wowzers, life can be a right old bitch sometimes, huh?

Well, you know what – so the mother-truck are YOU.

So put the kettle on, brew yourself up a fabulous Cafe of Curiosities mug of something restorative, roll up your metaphorical sleeves, turn up the gansta rap and DEAL WITH IT.


This is the perfect brew, black Americano, latte or flat white sized mug that sits very comfortably in the hand while simultaneously blowing a raspberry and sticking two fingers up at life. When life hands you lemons, throw them back and demand prosecco.


Crisp white 330ml ceramic mug with black and gold quote in our exclusive Cafe of Curiosities house fonts.

The mug’s stylish black inside, not only complements the quote, but also hides a multitude of those tell-tale “oh, I only need to give it a quick rinse” and “I’m so tired I can’t even wash myself, let alone a bloody coffee mug” cuppa drinking sins.

All mugs have our fabulous logo on the back and those with only black quotes are dishwasher safe, but we recommend gently hand washing those mugs blessed with a sprinkle of gold.   Please do not put any Cafe of Curiosities mugs with gold on them in the microwave, our fabulously metallic mugs are not microwave safe.


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