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Less Faff More Bosh
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Less Faff More Bosh


Inspiring action over ‘faffing about’ is a strength that runs through Lucy’s veins (a well as glitter, obviously). Lucy proudly invented this phrase to capture that spirit and motivation, and so we thought the red of the rainbow was the perfect colour to bring this no-nonsense, action orientated saying to life.


Our new season mugs are a little different from our first collection in that we’ve chosen a chunkier style of mug with a bigger handle that fits a little more comfortably in the hand, but at 300ml capacity, still holds a decent cuppa.

All of our rainbow mugs are dishwasher-safe, so feel free to pop it in the office dishwasher at the end of your working day – just be careful your fab new mug doesn’t get stolen by one of your super discerning workmates!


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