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It’s All Fun and Games ‘til Your Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore
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It’s All Fun and Games ‘til Your Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore


Coming up with this quote made us laugh our asses off. It sums up the horror of realising you’ve thrown caution to those camembert-filled winds once too often, and now can’t fit into your favourite Topshop skinnies. Urgh. Still…we had heaps of fun on the way to popping that extra notch on the belt and we believe in laughing at ourselves and with each other.


Our new season mugs are a little different from our first collection in that we’ve chosen a chunkier style of mug with a bigger handle that fits a little more comfortably in the hand, but at 300ml capacity, still holds a decent cuppa.

All of our rainbow mugs are dishwasher-safe, so feel free to pop it in the office dishwasher at the end of your working day – just be careful your fab new mug doesn’t get stolen by one of your super discerning workmates!


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