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Don’t be a Dick
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Don’t be a Dick


Dear partner who walks into a room, looks around for 30 seconds and then shouts at you because they “can’t find their keys”, dear workmate who deliberately nicks your ideas, dear child who refuses to eat their peas, dear friend who “forgot” to call you back for the umpteenth time, dear mum at the school gate who secretly judged you when she spotted you sneaking a shop-bought cheese sarnie into your child’s lunchbox, dear fellow driver who didn’t give the obligatory “thank you wave” when you let them out at the junction….


This is our go-to mug when we’re laughing off all of life’s little annoyances. So pop the kettle on, roll your eyes at the situation and raise this indigo coloured mug in silent salute to all the dicks you know.


Our new season mugs are a little different from our first collection in that we’ve chosen a chunkier style of mug with a bigger handle that fits a little more comfortably in the hand, but at 300ml capacity, still holds a decent cuppa.

All of our rainbow mugs are dishwasher-safe, so feel free to pop it in the office dishwasher at the end of your working day – just be careful your fab new mug doesn’t get stolen by one of your super discerning workmates!


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