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Ordering from our menus

We founded Cafe of Curiosities to be the place to inspire you, to share your favourite dirty joke in or a space to just sit and relax with a cuppa.

We’ve taken the concept of a café and are building a warm atmosphere, a community as well as a load of fun products to love and enjoy (just like your favourite actual cafe). We also have the ambition of actually opening our own cafe in the future…

Dream big, right?

So, to keep ours and your dreams alive, and to regularly keep serving you up little slices of fun and magic, we release our products in collections which follow a theme, cause or occasion. We call these collections, menus.

Our first menu offers a collection of mugs to inject cheer and a bit of motivation into your day as the winter nights start drawing in, so we’ve named it the ‘Laughter & Boom Menu’.

As well as the collection of mugs to make you smile and give you a cheeky little boost with your favourite cuppa, we’ll also be showing you how you can create your own cafe culture at home and use your new mugs in a number of delicious ways.

From quick and easy recipes you can make in a mug to make and do mug projects for the kids and how to brew the perfect barista-style coffee. We’ll help you live the motivation behind this particular menu.

We hope you enjoy our launch menu, as much as we’ve enjoyed cooking it up.

Bon appetit!