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Warming mug recipes

Warming mug recipes
November 29, 2017 Team Curious

Here at Café of Curiosities Towers, we don’t just use our mugs as caffeine vessels (although jolly awesome for that purpose they are indeed), we’re obsessed with finding uses for them about our homes; bud vases, plant pots, pen pots, dangly earring storage – you name it, we’ve tried it!

But one of our favourite life hacks, is to use our sizeable black and white mugs to cook in.  Yes, you heard right, we cook in them!


As busy working mums, we have become experts at making warming, tasty and healthy food on-the-go with the minimum of effort. Mug recipes are perfect for preparing quick and easy meals and treats using store cupboard ingredients we all usually have to hand.


We thought we’d share a couple of our favourites we’ve picked up over the past couple of years and of course, you all know we love a cheeky sweet treat, so here’s a couple of Lucy’s cakey favs!


Peanut butter mug cake:

Peanut butter in puddings is such a treat and as well as it’s gooey sticky yummy nuttiness in this recipe stopping the chocolate cake in this recipe from being too sweet, finding it’s molten nuttiness at the bottom of the mug is a true indulgence.

We got this recipe from Lisa’s blog.  As a mum of 4 and the owner of not just one, but two Kenwood mixers (kudos right there, Lisa!), she’s got the whole baking thing down pat and has been blogging about her baking adventures for more than 5 years:

Peanut butter is the glue that holds Lucy’s life together, so she always makes up this cakey treat in our ‘Shit Rainbows’ mug!


Lemon mug cake:

This recipe is from Beth, a ridiculously inspiring 15 year old who blogs at  Although she’s only been blogging for a couple of years, she’s already amassed a delicious looking portfolio of recipes and we thought this mug recipe of hers was definitely worth sharing with you, as it’s a nice zesty alternative to the billions of chocolate recipes out there.

We think the delicious sweet and sharpness of this recipe perfectly suits our ‘Because I Said So’ mug!   

Image credit: Bethany Calaby,

The best thing about mug recipes is that there is literally no limit to what you can try and create.  Once you have a basic recipe (like cake mix) nailed, you can add your own fav flavours, personalise and pimp to your hearts content.

If you haven’t already had a go, we’d love to see your next creations – so next time you get bizzle in the kizzle – snap and tag us over on Instagram @cafeofcuriosities !

And please remember, although our black and white mugs are microwave safe, those mugs blessed with a splash of metallic gold should definitely not be used in the microwave.

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