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Chocoholic festive fun in a mug!

Chocoholic festive fun in a mug!
November 29, 2017 Team Curious

The Café of Curiosities team has an almost infamous sweet tooth; from raiding the kids treat jar to accompany a Peaky Blinders catch-up binge, to treating ourselves to something cheeky after a disco yoga session, we’re guiltynotguilty of it all!
And what better way to reward ourselves after braving the local shopping centre to attempt a pre-Christmas shop than a delightfully sinful hot chocolate served up in one of our very own mugs. Those crowds are brutal, ladies!
Who doesn’t need a pick me up after the Christmas shopping centre experience: the parking palaver, the realisation that you’re wearing too many layers for the nuclear temperature in Debenhams, the soul-destroying realisation that your arse is too big for Victoria’s Secret undercrackers (M&S again, *sigh*), the frantic last minute dash to the Lego store for vouchers when you realise what the time is…
So, we thought we would share with you a handful of our favourite hot chocolate recipes so you can snuggle down with a cup of something scrummy while binning the whole idea of going down to the shops to stock up on Christmas goodies and buying all of your gifts online instead!

Hot Chocolate Station:
Probably the BEST THING YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN A SLOW COOKER, one of our fav bloggers and fellow Geordie, Ashlie from Sugar Rushed posted this recipe of Nutella based hot chocolate in her slow cooker back in 2015, and was inundated by shares from fellow chocoholics! She also won best North East Parent Blog that year too – so this is effectively an award winning hot chocolate recipe…


Boozey Bounty hot chocolate:
Café of Curiosity’s Lucy is borderline obsessed with coconut. Whether it’s slathering coconut body cream all over her dope ass self (“I have to keep the skin supple for the new tattoos, Beth”), eating spoonfuls of solidified coconut oil (“honestly, it’s supposed to be super good for your insides”), making curries with coconut milk or sprinkling it dried over porridge (“you will never go back to jam”), if there’s coconut in it, Lucy will eat it, so this recipe from the Sugar and Crumbs business blog that she buys some of her cake baking supplies from is one of her favourites.  “Dudes, it’s got a frikken BOUNTRY BAR IN IT, nuff said”


Bailey’s Hot chocolate

What could be more Christmassy than a massive slug of Bailey’s Irish Cream – we’ll tell you what – BAILEY’S HOT CHOCOLATE! Bailey’s + hot chocolate = nirvana, right?
This last recipe is from UK blogger Dizzy Brunette, a self-confessed beauty and big hair junkie whose blog keeps us giggling with her no nonsense approach to making ourselves gorgeous. There’s two recipes in this post, but the one we’ve been treating ourselves to is the second one, so do scroll down to read the whole post. We promise it’s worth it!

Come back and read our blog again for more Christmassy inspo. We’re going to be sharing some of our favourite family breakfasts soon too!

And don’t forget to grab yourselves one of our own mugs to serve one of these hot choc recipes in before you go!

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