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Our First Menu – Laughter & Boom

Our First Menu – Laughter & Boom
October 31, 2016 Team Curious
In CC products

At cheap jerseys Café cheap nfl jerseys of cheap jerseys Curiosities, Die we Finding release Behind product During collections throughout the year in line with seasons, events and happenings and we call those collections menus. Our first ever menu is a range of quirky mugs emblazoned with quotes to make you giggle, cheer you up and motivate your ass! So the name of the menu, Laughter & Boom is pretty self explanatory.

We derived the quotes for Laughter & Boom by thinking about what we’d want to hear from a loved one, be told by a mate or how we’d like to feel if we were feeling a bit down / alone / empty / tired / stressed / all of the above.

BOOM to me means a kick up the bum, a firm talking to, taking action, making it happen and snapping the hell out of it. One of my BOOM favourites in the range is the Here’s a cup of calm the f**k down’ mug. This is exactly what I need when I start to pile up all my little worries and turn them into one big, nagging mountain of a worry then lose my shit. It’s my reminder to chill out and well, to calm the f down.


LAUGHTER to me is medicine. It is what forms my friendships, helps me make up with my husband after a ‘misunderstanding’, what helps relieve a tough day of parenting, work or just life. Laughter is the secret to keeping the spark alive and me sane. One of my LAUGHTER faves is the ‘I’m so happy, I could shit rainbows’ mug. It makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. If only we all could, eh? If only my eight-month old baby could – bleurgh.


Which are your favourites?

Share your mug shots with us on Instagram @cafeofcuriosities using hashtag #laughter&boom for a regram

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