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Meet the Bosses

Meet the Bosses
October 31, 2016 Team Curious
In About CC

We want you to get to know us – the mental people behind the brand, but instead of writing corporate profiles and relaying our CVs (dullsville), we thought it And would be fun to describe each other. After all, we’re both modest people and therefore a bit rubbish at singing our own praises. So here goes…

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Lucy Tatton by Bethanie Lunn:

Lucy is the logistics genius who controls the purse strings and throws in her unique sense of humour, scintillating copywriting, SEO thingamey jigs and tenacious forward planning skills. She works HARD, has always done so for as long as I’ve known her and she does it with a smile on her face. A real trouper, this woman has been through a lot emotionally since becoming a parent, A LOT…but she has managed to take the shit and turn it around to make her stronger. A firm believer that hard work pays off and that just getting stuck in results in dreams coming true, Lucy doesn’t do idle. “Less faff, more bosh” she would say.

She laughs at herself, she’s guaranteed to make you laugh and she’s as zany as her hair is orange.

If Lucy was one of our current Café of Curiosities mugs, she’d be the, ‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’ design because she stands out in all the right ways. She may intrigue you, she may shock you, she may make you stand on edge but one thing is for sure – this girl is an original…and she can stand on one leg just because.


Bethanie Lunn by Lucy Tatton:

Beth is the creative vision and styling genius behind Cafe of Curiosities and often my ray of sunshine on a grey day.

Her ideas, inspiration and drive, kept our Cafe of Curiosities dreams alive for months, when neither of us had the time or head space to develop the business and although my skills may have been perfectly suited to bringing the business to life and be the ‘head’ part of the business, Beth is undoubtedly Cafe’s beating heart and the one who’s created our very own ‘Cafe Society’ and skilfully knitted together our crazy and colourful patchwork of supporters, collaborators and friends.

If Beth was one of our current Cafe of Curiosities mugs, she’s be ‘Here’s a cup – not because she ever needs it herself (the woman is unflappable), but because she’s the one who slows me down, helps me take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture and puts a much needed brew in my hand while she’s doing it.

Oh and she’s a bloody Jedi in making you believe in yourself and grow your own self confidence. I didn’t wear eyeliner, or nail varnish before Beth got me to ‘just try it out, Luce’ and now Model’s Own black eye pencil with glitter (obvs) and a statement nail (also glitter, obvs) have become appearance essentials.

But don’t let that glossy, stylish, hippie, zen-like exterior fool you. She’s also a filthy animal after a porn star martini.

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